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(Since 4/7/05)
Where is the Police Station located at?
We are located at 13840 South Cicero Ave, north side of the building. Please see the location map for a visual aide.

What is the telephone number/mailing address for the police station?
Please see the information page.

I need to speak to an officer. What should I do?
If it is an emergency, dial 911. If it is not an emergency, call our non-emergency dispatch number (708.385.5131) to have a police officer stop by your residence or come to the police station.

What can I call the police for assistance with?
You can call the police for help with nearly everything. In most situations, the police can help with the exception of civil cases.

I filed a police report and I need a copy.
You may come to the police station and pick up a copy of your police report five business days after it has been filed during business hours. Be sure to have your case number with you for quicker service. The report number follows the format of: 05-XXXX.

I need an additional copy of a police/acccident report.
This may be acquired by going to the police station during regular business hours.

I received a parking ticket.
Come to the village hall during regular business hours and pay the fine listed on the citation or send your payment via postal mail.

I received a traffic ticket.
Look at the bottom right side of the ticket. It the 'Court Diversion' box is checked, you were given a Court Diversion envelope with your ticket. Read the back of the envelope carefully and check one of the three boxes. Then put the white copy of your ticket in the envelope and send this in the mail. If the 'Court Appearance' box is checked, you are required to appear in court at the date and time specified in the box.
*Please note that the yellow copy is now your driver's license. Do not lose or destroy this.

I received a Local Ordinance (LO) ticket.
This is a charge of a violation of the local ordinance. The ticket will have the offense listed and a corresponding court appearance date on it. You must be present in court at that time.

I lost my Court Diversion envelope and my ticket has 'Court Diversion' checked.
You can receive a new envelope during regular business hours at the police station.

I need to reschedule my court appearance date/time.
Call the Cook County Clerk/District 5 for a new date/time.

I need to park my car on the street overnight.
Call the police station and inform an officer you will be having a vehicle(s) parking in the street overnight. Please have the make, color and license plate of the vehicle ready.

Can I have a 'special watch' on my house if I am going to be away for an extended period of time?
Yes you may. Call the Crestwood Police Department and ask for a 'special watch' on your residence.

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